Title: Tuner 3.0

Manufacturer: Aladdin Systems

Price: $30 shareware



Aladdin Systems

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Tuner 3.0

The position indicator looks like it was made with realbasic. Yuck! Search doesn't work. Everything else is great!
Tuner 3.0 is a $30 shareware application from Aladdin systems that allows the user to "tune" into radio stations from around the world. Its interface is well done, and everything works except for the occasional broken link, and the completely non-functional search engine. Tuner has an intuitive map selection screen that allows users to choose an area in the world which they want to listen. After clicking on a state, region or coutry, it displays a list of internet broadcasts that can be watched or listened to. It even has a LA police dept. scanner, which is very entertaining to listen to.

Tuner isn’t limited to audio, however. It also has many webcams. The webcam of time square is probably the most active and interesting.

In addition to supporting RealPlayer G2, Quicktime, and Windows media player, Tuner can play your MP3s/CDs as well. It supports custom skins like many other players, and because it is integrated, it handles both CDs and MP3s on the same play-list. Enticing!

Unfortunately, the search function didn’t work for me, and I never got it working, so that’ll cost this product a couple of points, but that problem probably will be fixed in later versions (or maybe it was my computer that had the problem, and not the product.)

This seems to be the only product with the capability to list all the streaming audio channels of a certain state/country or region, but for 30 bucks that's a little steep. Otherwise, this is a solid product that is worth your download. Whether or not it’s worth registration is up to the user.

Please note, although 5/10 is significantly lower than my past reviews, it is still a solid product that you should consider downloading.

5/10 5/10

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