Mainpage Story: Philosophy & Info

The center design for the mainpage is a creation based on several ideas. These were in the forms of philosophy, the internet, what web technology is readily available, and a few others. Part of the philosophy is that objects in life are not easily seen and understood. People must explore things to learn. On the mainpage, users must move their mouse around the objects to learn the info. When they do this, yellow beams of light quickly shoot around the screen, engulfing what they selected and a path to more info. The black objects that appear are actually routers, to handle the sorting of information. The routes that the light travels are not direct. Quite simply, the routes that internet connections are based on are not nearly direct. The connections are shared, as are the connections on the mainpage. For web technology, the page displays on version four or better browsers with JavaScript enabled. Most users are able to meet these needs without any trouble. Graphics were also optimized for higher quality, as internet speeds have increased for end users. Over 1000 lines of code were used on the mainpage itself, with over 60 files called whenever the page is loaded. Very few files were actually used from previous work on the website. With the help of GoLive and PhotoShop, this version of our site was brought into reality.


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