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Item: Video Wizard 2 MB or 4 MB PCI Card

Manufacturer: Micro Conversions, Inc.

Price: MSRP 2 MB $249, 4MB $269



Video Wizard

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This is the actual PCI card.

This is the back of the PCI card, notice the many ports.

This is the set of controls for the TV tuner.


This amazing PCI Card can handle and perform tasks you thought computers couldn't. There are many features built into this card, it will serve your graphic needs. Take a look at these features:

•Graphic Accelerator

•Second Monitor Support

•TV Tuner

•Video Input and Output



This card acts as a graphic accelerator, which supports 30 frames per second. That makes it nice for watching TV. But it also makes scaling across graphics and documents much easier. No more choppy graphics. Once you install this card, you have to plug your main monitor into the DB-15 monitor port. You do not plug your monitor into your port on the main computer, that is where a second monitor will be plugged into. The TV Tuner is great, exceptional real time TV viewing. Very smooth video and customizable controls are another neat feature. Also included are control over colors and reception of channels, even naming the channels. The video input port will let you hook up a camcorder and transfer the video images to your computer. After making a QuickTime movie, you could edit the video if you have any video editing software. If you want to present that edited movie, or if you just want to display video on a regular TV, you can plug it into the video output port. If you wanted to put that edited video back on VHS cassette, that can also be done. Just connect the video output port to a VCR, and have that connected to a regular TV. Then play the movie on your computer and watch it appear on TV. Then just start recording on your VCR. Now you made a final copy of the video and you can show it to your friends.


This product is the answer to video needs. Video input, output, TV Tuner, graphic acceleration and more. A must have for people seeking video needs.


8/10 8/10