Title: Quotable Quotes II v1.2

Manufacturer: Symbiotic Software Inc.

Price: $35

Symbiotic Software Inc.
1989 West 14th Ave.
Vancouver, BC Canada
V6J 2K1
(604) 732-3094


Note: These images have been reduced in size to fit into this area. In their original form, the quality was greater.

Here is the main screen of Quotable Quotes II.

Here is another way of easy navigating. The seven main parts are available, along with main screen, author information, and more.

This quote was found in the Existence part. Try reading it if you can.

Here are the 15 topics in the Existence part.

This quote was found in the art section. Notice this part has a different border and different style text.

Quotable Quotes II is a Mac program that contains 9000 actual quotes from various authors. If you have ever wanted to place a little quote at the bottom of your report, message, email, etc., this is a program for you. It is quite simple to use the program and navigate to find the right quote that is appropriate for your work.

Quotable Quotes II's whole point is so you can quickly find quotes for your needs. The information it delivers is usually clear and to the point. The quote will be displayed along with the author's name. Since it was made to give you the information, and basically only the quote information, that is probably why it is compiled in HyperCard. You might have to think back a few years to remember such software. Since it is made of HyperCard stacks, the interface of the program is a bit dull. First off, it is black and white. You could run it on a really old machine that doesn't support color graphics. Also, there is not always interesting textures or backgrounds that boost the appearance of the program. Black and white graphics can only go so far. The main thing on the screen is the text. The text contains the quote and the author's name. Some of the fonts are a bit different so you won't hurt your eyes staring at the same style fonts. Again, you can quickly get the quote, but don't expect too much fun.

Details: Quotes
With 9000 quotes in the program, you should imagine a way to sort through them to find what you want. Of course there are many methods of navigation within the program. Actually, there are four menubars for you to select a category of quotes. Also, you can click your way through by selecting parts or categories until you reach what you are looking for. The main parts include:
-Definitions, Dichotomies, Writing, Art, Existence, Humor, and Eating.

The definitions part contains quotes on AOL to integrity to Queen Elizabeth to Xerox, and many things in between.

Dichotomies are almost complete opposites. Yesterday and tomorrow is an example. Here's a quote on that:

The writing section contains quotes on words, writing, writers, literary forms, books, and reading. There are only a few hundred quotes in this area, but you should easily find something to fit your needs.

Art is made up of simply art, the artist, painting, photography, music, the theater, and film.

Existence is the largest part of Quotable Quotes II. Actually, there are 4300 quotes in this section alone. There are 15 topics in this section and each topic has many subcategories. So the thousands of quotes are sorted for your easy navigation. Who could forget a quote such as:

Another part is the humor section which contains quotes on humor, wit, comedy, and wordplay. They almost speak for themselves.

The last part is eating. It houses quotes on cooking, food, eating, and drinking.

There are also more sections and parts than the seven above. There is an author index that lists all the people who spoke the words of the program. Also, many authors are described in the author details section. Their contributions, a brief description, and their time of life are listed. You can also take a tour of the program, to familiarize yourself with it. Reading the classics may also be something you would like to do. The quotes flip by automatically so you don't have to click every few seconds. Once you do find a quote, you can simply select copy and then paste it into your document of choice. If you wanted to add your quotes into the program, you can. You just simply type it in and select the location for it. Overall, Quotable Quotes II makes finding quotes simple for the user.

Quotable Quotes II is definitely a valuable program to have if you want to add quotes to your work. You won't waste any time looking in large heavy reference materials, but simply make a few clicks then place the quote in a document. For a mere $35 it is worth it. You can spruce up your work and show your friends. With 9000 quotes, you shouldn't have to repeat a quote for a long time. Although some quotes are too good to use once and forget. There are quotes on Apple, computers, Mac, internet, software, etc. Quotable Quotes II is also OS 8.6 compatible. Overall, it provides excellent info, but some of the interface may need to be updated. Information is what the program is all about. So if you want to add quotes to your work, go to www.qq2.com. There you can even download a demo version and get more information.


7/10 7/10


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