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Item: Private File 2.0

Manufacturer: Aladdin Systems

Price: About $50



Aladdin Sys

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This is just the logo screen for Private File Encrypt.


This is the preferences screen. Notice the encrypt, decrypt, mail, and destination icons.


This is one of the ways you can transfer your files. Launch the application and select your command in the menubar.


This is the second way you can encrypt or decrypt your files.


This is my favorite way to transfer files. Complete the tasks from the finder, no application launching.


Private File 2.0 is one of the best high encryption programs I have seen. It has some of the best features available for 128 bit encryption, the highest available. Obviously, encryption is the process of translating files from text, graphics, etc., to a code that is useless. Useless unless you have the decrypter. This way, the only people that will see the files you encrypt are the people that you will allow.


Private File is very simple to use and very effective. After installing the one megabyte of software, you are ready to encrypt. You have three main options on how you would like to translate the files. What almost seems old fashion, is to launch the application and select encrypt from the menubar. Or you could drag the file or files onto the program icon in the finder. But my favorite, is the magic menu that the installer places. This new menubar is located to the right of the Special bar in the finder. To encrypt, simply highlight the files you want translated, then go to the menubar and select encrypt. No program is launched and you stay in the finder the whole time. This also saves you time. Private File password protects, compresses, and uses 128 bit encryption. This together makes great security.

Details: Security

Security is no problem for Private File. The password protection is what will stop others from decrypting the file. But they also need the program. The 128 bits, 16 bytes, encryption is today's highest. It is so secure, the government made a law making it illegal to export this product. You can probably figure out why. After a file is encrypted, you can not crack it open. You can change the file type and creator, but that won't help. Most programs won't even recognize the file, so you can't open it. If you do get a chance to open an encrypted file, it probably won't open because no translator will understand it. Even if you did open it, you would just see a bunch of encrypted and compressed junk. Trying to crack that would be almost impossible. This is what stops others from looking at your file. Only people that you allow will get to see your file. You have to give them the password though, and they need the program.

Details: More Features

If you thought that was all this program does, you better be prepared. Obviously, Private File will encrypt and decrypt. But it also has a feature called Encrypt and Mail. This will secure the file and automatically place it in an email message. It will make it an attached file. You also have control of which email program you want it to use. Again, this will save you time. Alright, ready for this? Private File can be used on Mac and Windows without any tinkering with files. It automatically changes from Mac to Windows and Windows to Mac. That is nice if you need to send files to other users. Alright, and now another shocker. If you want to secure a file on your computer, so nobody can view it, that is simple. After encrypting it, you can set the preferences to delete the original. Most of us know that trashed files can be brought back. There are programs on the market designed for this. But Private File is designed to fully delete a file. After trashing it, it will write over the file space on the hard drive. The first pass writes all bits to zero. Then the second pass writes all bits to one. Finally, the third pass will write all bits to zero. It will only write over the deleted file space on the hard drive. After the file is fully gone, Private File will remove all references from the file and hard disk. This process is called the three step deletion process and is the standard process for the DoD. So, what did you think of that?


Private File is an extremely secure encryption program. If you need to send private files to people via email, this would be one of the best ways to send them. Private File uses full 128 bit encryption, it is almost impossible to crack it. Even if you want to secure files on your own computer, this will complete that job. This program is simple to use and very effective.


8/10 8/10

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