About CCPlace

CCPlace publishes computer product reviews on the WWW. Our reviews are extremely detailed and provide viewers with tremendous amounts of information. For example, if you don't know if you should buy a certain product, you could look here for the review. Reviews can answer many of your questions. They answer if you really need the product, the product's capabilities, pricing, good features, bad features, how to use, etc. If you decide to buy the product, CCPlace has a recommended list of resellers that you can buy it from. CCPlace is truly a computer world available to readers.

Maintained by industry experts with years of dedicated experience, CCPlace presents readers with information. Our information influences consumer purchases as well as knowledge. We feel it is important that the public has this opportunity to utilize our information. Consumers should have a right to know, and we help them know about products.

A word about our ratings-Classifies our rating system and explains the markings.

Website performance info-Provides info on our website connection, speed, performance, etc.


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